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How To Measure Your BRA SIZE? Here is a step by step guide.

Did you know most women wear the wrong bra size? Let me help you find the Right Size & the Right Bra!

To measure yourself you will need

- Soft measuring tape

- A mirror

- Your best-fitting, non padded bra

- A notepad

Step 1 - Take Your Bust Measurement

Measure around the fullest part of your Bust. Round it to nearest whole number, for example if it 35.7 inches round it off to 36.

Step 2 - Take Your Band Measurement

Measure around your underbust - make sure its the tape is parallel to the floor & not curved. Round to nearest whole number.

Step 3 - Calculate your Band Measurement

Take your Band measurement and if -

  • Your measurement is even then add 4

  • Your measurement is uneven then add 5

For example

- If your measurement is 31 (uneven) add 5 = 36

- If your measurement is 30 (even) add 4 = 34

Step 4 - Calculate your cup size

Subtract the measurement (Step 3) from your Bust measurement (Step2) and then refer to the Bra Cup Chart.

For Example

36(Band) - 40 (Bust) = 4

(4 refers to D in the table) therefore

Your cup size along with Band is your Bra Size = 36 D

I hope this has helped you find your correct size, watch out for our next blog on sister sizes to help you find a better fit & hopefully it should also help solve some of the issues you might be having with your current bra.

If You are still confused with the process, please send me your Step 1 & step 2 measurements and I will help you find the right size! You can reach me through the chat/Contact section or drop me a message on my Instagram @Dishalulladesign

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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