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Let’s talk about Bra Fit - Common Bra Fitting Issues & How to Solve it!

Need a new bra? Not comfortable in your Current Bra? either way - here are some Common issues you might be facing & how to solve them plus tips that should make finding a bra that fits you better much more easier.

1. Underband keeps riding up the back / or keeps digging in?

Your underband supports accounts to about 80% so it is very essential when it comes to fit. Your under-band should be parallel to the floor.

  • If your underband keeps riding up the back - it might be too big, try going down a back size.

  • If it is digging in & is tight - it might be too small, try going up a back size.

  • Always wear the underband on its most loose setting - this will prolong the age and elasticity of your bra, move to a tighter setting when you feel it has gotten loose.

2. Straps are digging in / or keeps falling off the shoulders?

  • If your straps are always falling off even though it is on the tightest, try a narrower profile bra - like the plunge

  • If your straps are digging in, try a variety of styles and get measured again.

3.Cups just don't feel right?

Ensure that your breast are not bulging out of the cup / or the Cup is half empty

  • If your breast is bulging out, you should go up a cup size as the cup you are currently wearing is too small.

  • If your cups are gaping at the edge they are too big, trying going down a cup size.

4. You think wires are uncomfortable?

If you feel that wired bras are uncomfortable, you should keep these tips in mind

  • If the wires are digging in you should go up a cup size

  • If they wires are poking you, try a few other types of bras - different types have different shapes of the underwire.

Hope these Points have helped identify the issues you were facing and have given you clarity about what to do when you try a new bra. Please feel free to reach out to me through my socials or the contact section if you have any doubts or if you would like any suggestions!

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