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About Disha 

Lingerie, Swim & Sleepwear Designer 

Disha is a Lingerie Designer & Blogger. She is a First Class Contour Fashion Graduate from De Montfort University, United Kingdom. She currently works as a Junior Designer at Panache Lingerie in Sheffield. 


Her vision is fast-paced, forward-thinking and fashion-centered. Social work & Sustainability are at its core, and all of her work reflect these ideals. She has been in the industry for about 6 years and has been attending various Lingerie and textile trade fares around the world. She has worked at a number of Lingerie companies such as Intimate Apparel Samples in London, Bravissimo in Birmingham and Studio Pia in London. 


We invite you to browse our blogs, to know more about your Lingerie and to understand its what underneath that counts.


Feel good Underneath, Look Good on the outside. 



Disha's past work as well as her sustainability initiatives  have been well covered by the media. Below you will find the latest news stories and features about her work & initiatives as well as her achievements.  


Disha is one of our most

talented students from India and dedicated to her studies and continues to impress everyone with her

accomplishments. Most recently, in a response to the Covid-19 crisis, she has been using her fashion

design expertise and her entrepreneurial flair to make face masks for members of the Indore community in

India, where she lives with her family.

Dr Manjeet Ridon / Associate Dean International / DeMontfort University

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