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Anatomy Of A Bra

Where do we start? There are so many components involved to make a bra, On average there could be around 20 parts used in a single bra, making it a very complex piece of clothing. Learn more about the parts of your bra, and why they are important

1. Underband

This is the most important part of the bra, Your band size is the measurement taken underneath the breast and around the chest that makes up your Underband size. Your Band is the part that holds your breast up. Almost 80% of the support comes from the Underband. The Underband is made up of the following parts

  • The Center panel/center front (Also called the bridge/ Gore) connects the two cups, ideally, this should lay flat against your sternum, and should not be floating around.

  • The Wing is the section of the band between the closure and the cups and is mostly made with stretchable fabric.

  • The Cradle ( Also Called Frame) is the section in which the cups sit/ section below the cups- this can depend greatly on the style of the bra.

  • The Closure (Also called Hook & Eye) helps to close the bra, when trying on a new bra, always fasten it on the loosest setting so that you can tighten it over time.

2. Cups

The cups are the area where your breasts sit, the cups lifts, supports and shapes the breast by keeping them in place. Cups come in a variety of types and can create an illusion of a smaller/ larger breast depending on your preference. Depending on the Style a Cup can be divided into - Top Cup, Bottom Cup, Side Cup, and Sling. These parts are joined and create a seam. Cups without seams are molded by heat to create a rounded shape and are called Molded cups.

Here are some common types of cups

  • Lined - A Lined cup usually has a very thin layer of foam to contour the breast and make it look seamless underneath a fitted shirt. padded & pushup can be included in this category

  • Unlined - unlined cups do not have any kind of lining or padding in the cup whatsoever, they are very light and allows your natural breast shape to shine, these cups might provide less coverage.

3. Underwire

Underwire is a curved piece of metal or plastic and is sewn with a casing into the bottom of bra cups. underwires help shape your breast and fit better than the ones without.

4. Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps or Bra straps are attached from the apex (top of the cup) to the back band with a ring. Sliders/adjusters are attached for easy adjustment.

I hope this Post gave you clarity on the parts of your bra, If you are concerned that your bra doesn't fit well please give our last post a read. Feel Free to get in touch regarding any questions through email or chat option -

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