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Taking care for your Lingerie - the Do’s and the Dont’s of Washing, Drying and Storage.

Lingerie is very delicate and the construction is much more complex than other garments. Therefore they need to be washed and stored with more care than your regular T-shirts. Here are some Do’s & Dont’s to make Your Lingerie last longer!


Read the bra’s care tag for instructions on how to wash it.

  • The best method is washing them by hand. instead of detergent - use mild shampoo or specialized lingerie detergent as it’s much softer and doesn’t damage the fabric.

  • If you are washing them in the machine, make sure to use a mesh lingerie bag & wash on a gentle cold setting. Make sure you clasp the closure together as the hooks can damage your other items.

  • Don't Toss them in your washing machine with other garments as the heat will damage the elastics by making it loose its elasticity, The hooks can snag other items.


  • The best method to dry your bras if by laying them flat. Don’t squeeze or twist out to remove the excess water, instead you may put them on a towel and pat the excess water.

  • You can also Hang & Dry the bras. Don’t hang it by it’s straps as it will stretch the elastic out, instead hang them from the center front (middle).

  • Don't put them in the Dryer as the heat will damage the elastic plus other materials in the bra and will make it ill fitted.


  • Store them in a row with the cups inside each other on a shelf or a large drawer, you can fold your non wired/ non molded bralettes in half. Underwear can be rolled or be folded and organized in stacks.

  • Store your everyday versus special Lingerie in different sections.

  • For your more expensive & special lingerie, wrap it in acid free tissue paper and keep it in a box.

  • Don’t squish the cups or fold them as it causes the cups to crease and deforms the cups.

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