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Meet our first #WCW! Pia Harpur Conaghan, Founder Of Studio Pia!

An Exclusive Interview with Pia Harpur Conaghan, Founder of Studio Pia

Pia is undoubtedly one of the most Inspirational, talented and hardworking women I have ever met, so it was evident I wanted to write my first #wcw post about her. She has been in the Lingerie for over 10 years now, and she started studio Pia back in 2017, which has been growing tremendously ever since. Her brand is both luxurious yet ethical. Studio Pia is the first Lingerie brand to use exclusive cruelty-free, organic peace silk. Studio Pia's designs are so beautiful and unique, thanks to the gorgeous embroideries that are designed by Pia. She has taught me the importance of giving back to the environment. Her production method as well as the materials used are ethically sourced and ethically made. Moreover, they plant a tree for every product sold through their website.

I was lucky enough to do my placement year at Studio Pia Last Year and learnt so much over there.

Innovative & Breathtaking Design

Studio Pia's Designs are Timeless, Classic and very elegant. But they are equally innovative as well, The lingerie industry creates a huge amount of unsold inventory – just because on average a lingerie Range needs to stock about 25-30 sizes per Bra, Studio Pia solves this by offering extendable band sizes, 1 bra caters to 3 sizes, also keep in mind that these fit even better due to the adjustability. Their size goes on from SP1 – SP 9 (which would be 27 sizes)

"Luxury lingerie with a Conscience"

Sustainability is very important for Pia and is considered at every stage of the business. They only use Certified Organic Peace silk, which is dyed using non-toxic Dyes, along with bespoke embroidery & deadstock materials wherever possible. They plant a tree for every product sold on their website.

Disha - Who is your biggest inspiration/favorite designer and where do you find your inspiration to create your own style?

Pia - I'm mostly inspired by our customers - I love to see how they mix and match sets and style them into outwear looks. I'm often looking to couture designers for their use of fabrics and fine details and finishes. Our seasonal collections are usually inspired by art, the natural world, or design in other fields. Sometimes I may come across an image that sparks and idea which then grows, other times I'll research a topic/concept and extract the strongest themes to design from.

Disha - What inspired you to get into the Lingerie industry?

Pia- It happened kind of by accident. I started an internship with a very young Bordelle and fell in love with the complex construction and creative design work. I was lucky enough to end up designing for the brand for 3 years.

Disha -What advice do you wish you could have given your former self? Pia - Don't be afraid to go it alone. It was a bold step to start Studio Pia with very little funds, and it hasn't always been easy but it's the best decision I've ever made! I'm so proud to have been able to create jobs in this niche industry.

Disha - What advice would you give to young designers who are just starting in this industry?

Pia- If they are looking to start their own brand research in all areas is crucial. You can never know the market well enough. Be prepared to spend a lot of time teaching yourself about business management and very little designing! I'd also recommend working with an accountant as early as you can afford to, if figures and tax rules are not your forte. Also, Fashion Angel is an excellent place to start, and where I got my initial start up loan from.

You can visit Studio Pia's Website at -

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