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5 Lingerie Drawer Essentials every woman should own!

Here is a list of the most important 5 Lingerie Drawer Essentials you need!

A Sexy Black Lace Bra

A classic black lace bra is a must have in every wardrobe! This is really the LBD of bras and one of the most popular types of bra . Pair it with a white shirt for a little peak-a-boo in the summers or underneath your warm oversized sweaters!

A seamless Nude Bra & Knicker set

This should be your everyday essential. A seamless nude bra & knicker set an everyday staple in your wardrobe! Goes with almost anything & everything without having to think about VPL’s (visible panty Line). Also don’t forget - now there are plenty shades of nude available in the market - try to find that matches your skin tone and don’t settle for plain old Beige.

A soft Lingerie Set

A soft (non wired) delicate Lingeire set perfect for those days when you don’t need so much support. Perfect for lounging around the house.

A strapless/ multi-way bra

Your outfits will thank you for this one! Very essential for the tricky neckline outfits you buy but don’t wear just because your bra is showing. This bra can be worn multiple ways with detachable straps or also be worn strapless.


Invest in high quality shape wear. Now shape wear is all about body confidence, being comfortable, and inclusive of all sizes and color tones.

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